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Marine Solutions LLC

We are here to help you have a good time on the water. Don’t have a vessel, book a seat on our boat. If you are looking for someone to help you manage the details of your vessel’s care, you’ve come to the right place. Let us assist you in relaxing & enjoying time on the water.

2 Hour Tour

Take a ride on a comfy 22 ft covered, enclosed, electric,  Duffy boat. Click here or the image to get more information. Already know you want to ride; the reservations button at the top of the screen will be your next stop.

Here to save you time.

Waiting around for a vendor to show up and work on your vessel can be a thing of the past. Let us do the waiting for you and ensure that the task is completed correctly.

Washing, detailing, and waxing could take up multiple days. We can keep your vessel clean & ready for guests, so you can enjoy your time aboard.

Do you like to entertain while traveling on your vessel? Want to visit a new city? Need a captain for insurance purposes? We can help.

Have a task in mind?

Let’s talk about how we can save you time.

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